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            About tradepass™

            tradepass Logo

            tradepass™ Logo and tradepass™ are eSources.co.uk trademarks.

            The tradepass™ Logo logo indicates that the supplier bearing the logo is a legally registered business or trading entity. Further, the tradepass™ Logo logo indicates that the person associated with the listings is employed by the supplier or has the authority to represent the business.

            tradepass™ is not an indication of the quality of the products or services offered by the supplier. It does however guarantee that the contact information and business details provided by the tradepass™ verified supplier are authentic, helping buyers trade with more transparency about the identity and legitimacy of suppliers.

            If you are a supplier and wish to receive TradePass™ authentication, first upgrade to premium membership and then contact us to request verification. We will then carry out a number of verification steps to authenticate the information you have submitted.

            If you are a buyer and have some questions regarding tradepass™ or tradepass™ Logo verified suppliers, please contact us with any questions. A member of our support team will reply to your query shortly.

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